I Eat Dessert

There was a time in my life where all I ever ate was health food. I was the girl at a dinner party who would skip the creamy baked chicken casserole, eat only the lettuce and tomatoes from the taco dinner, and say no to homemade brownies and ice cream made by a loving friend who invited my family to dinner.



Like, how rude.

I am still such a major lover of health food. I would say that 70% of the time I opt for healthier options. I would also say that I'm not as skinny as I was 8 years ago when I was a 22 year old vegan. I almost wrote virgin. But at 22, it's a lot easier to eat healthy and exercise and look good, versus 30 years old plus three kids. It's basically torture after that. And if your husband is addicted to Taco Bell, well then it's pretty dang impossible to turn it down after 10 years of marriage.



I had this thought come to my mind as I was mindlessly ruining a perfectly good nights rest by scrolling through Instagram. I follow a lot of fitness, healthy eating type people. I love them. I'm jealous of them sometimes when they have managed to make a full healthy dinner after 5 hours of their kids baseball practice and homework. But every once in a while, on some random holiday that they allowed themselves, they would post a picture of a piece of pie and say...

"It's ok to indulge. Enjoy life! I'll be working this off in the gym tomorrow!"


"Ate some ice cream and cookies tonight and feel like CRAP. That's why I never eat like this. Love that I choose to eat healthy!"

(I'm paraphrasing here, but all I hear is, "blah blah blah I'm a dirty tramp!") #namethatmovie

You guys!!!

If you were lying on your death bed tomorrow would you say to your self, "Im so glad I allowed my self one piece of pie on Christmas!"

NO! You would say, "DAMNIT! I wish I would have at least allowed my self to have a cookie every once in a while!" That's how I've grown as a healthy lifestyle blogger. I'm not the girl who is going to lie to you and tell you I only eat desserts on holidays and birthdays. No.

I have dessert every week. I have ice cream, cookies, bites of brownies, and ice cream...

But I also eat so healthy, I *try my best* to exercise, and chase three little kids around. I have a husband who is gone a lot, so after a long lonely day...I EAT MY FEELINGS. I'll admit, sometimes I eat apples. But there are days when it's been 14 hours since my last quiet moment and a chocolate chip cookie just does wonders. It's ok do that and NOT feel guilty!


We shouldn't feel guilty for being normal. We shouldn't feel bad or feel like we have to run 30 minutes because we ate pie. We should run because we love it and it's good for our bodies. And because exercise is cheaper than therapy ;). 

We should eat healthy and whole because we love the way it makes us feel and because we know it's helping us live long and healthy lives. But I'm also a firm believer that allowing your self a bowl of ice cream here and there isn't going to be the end of you. TREAT YO' SELF. 

Now, I feel like I'm rambling ...

If you get anything from this message it's this:

Have you had dessert this week? If not, do so now. 

The end.