About Ari

Hey there, welcome to my blog! My name is Ari and I have a semi-serious addiction to chocolate sprinkles on ice cream. I've been blogging since 2010 when my husband was deep into grad school. I binged watched Food Network like it was my job, and there discovered a hidden love I had for being in the kitchen.

I started baking for events, then went vegan and super healthy for a few years, and now here I am today somewhere In the middle. I love super healthy, sometimes vegan dishes, but I also have such a weak spot for indulging. That's where the idea of Healthy Living with A Touch of Sass came along. I've always believed it's best to nourish and feed our bodies with the best ingredients as possible, but I also feel the best way to live a 'healthy life' is to let yourself indulge a little. In my mind, a warm chocolate double fudge brownie cake with cold vanilla bean ice cream is completely healthy! So is a carrot.  

My Family

I am a mom to three beautiful daughters, all with the same goal in mind of giving me gray hairs before the age of 35! They are sassy, spicy, funny, hilarious, talented, and more importantly dramatic. Having three daughters is like living a real life Disney musical. There is always someone who wants to be the 'lead', multiple costume changes, singing non-stop, screaming non-stop, dramatic experiences, and an evil villain. In the end lessons are being learned, and more importantly happy endings...when they are all asleep.

My husband is my best friend and greatest partner in this life. He loves fast food, Dr. Pepper, and the weirdest movies ever. Our favorite thing to do is cuddle one the couch and watch The Office while I beg him to give me a foot massage. He's the prince in our life, and a lot of times there are 4 crazy girls fighting for his attention. 

I’m a totally serious person. Totally.

I’m a totally serious person. Totally.

The Diva Dish 


This blog is a combination of Healthy & Indulgent recipes, which is 100% me. I'll be the first to jump up and try the healthiest restaurant that's new in town, and then come home and sneak a few bites of cookie dough ice cream. It may not be conventional, but after struggling with an eating disorder in college, {you can read more about it HERE}, I've developed a much healthier relationship with food. I've learned if I tell myself NO too much, that's when I began to struggle, fail, and a lot of times just give up when it comes to healthy living! That's why I am so passionate about sharing my story, my love of healthy AND indulgent food, all the while raising my family, and living life with a touch of Sass!

I'm so excited you are here! Grab a handful of chocolate chips and come with me on living a healthy and happy life!

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