Grocery Shopping with the Hubbers VIDEO!

I'm seriously a jerk.

You see, on Wednesday I made a promise saying that I would have a yummy recipe up today(actually YESTERDAY) that came from these ever so delicious beaters...

And if you must know they were cookies.

And they were

But I didn't take pictures the first time I made them, so I planned to make them today while Baby Boo was being baby sat by her grandma...

But then I went to Costco.

And Costco took longer than possible, just so many samples.

So then I ran home to put things away and make the cookies.

But then the internet got the best of me, and I started watching some of THIS guys' videos...(THIS one imparticular.)

For an hour...and twenty three minutes.

And instead of making cookies, I made a green drink that tasted way to similar to dessert.

Carob Cherry Green Smoothie

1 c. coconut milk, handful of spinach, kale, and chard, handful of frozen cherries, frozen banana, 1/4 c. carob powder, 1 TB. chia seeds, and ice. (can add 1 tsp. sweetener if you want!)

Then I got really cold and turned the heater up to 83 degrees...

But I promise I have something for you! A few weeks back, Mr. Diva and I recorded a video of us going grocery shopping together.

It's kind of silly, I'm not going to lie...In fact, it's kind of stupid. And I am pretty sure you will really learn how much crap the hubby eats...

Oh, and the hubby does film my backside at one point during the film. My suggestion would be to close your eyes and not peek. You WILL have nightmares for at least a year...


There you have it. Now I am embarrassed.

Have a great weekend friends! I have a feeling there is a cookie recipe in your near future...

That is unless I need a nap.. :-)

***I just started a YouTube Channel! All my previous videos are being uploaded too it, and more to come! You can find it HERE!*