Baby #2!

Ok so there are a few things that I haven't been discussing on the blog, and I was waiting for the right time to where I felt that I should share...

But I really have no patience, and figured I should let you in on a few things that have really been going on in our little family, since it has taken up a lot of time and energy. :-)

So here we go...

A few months(Beginning of November) back I was having some problems...I guess we could call them "female" problems. (this is the point where every male reading this is probably thinking they shouldn''s ok, I won't go into TOO much detail...I promise.) LOL.

I went to the doctor because I was a little concerned and the doctor immediately told me she believed I was...Pregnant.

Now, before I go on, you must know that I haven't been on birth control since Baby Boo was born. This was because I HATE birth control...My mood would switch from Satan to an Angel with in a matter of minutes. SECONDLY, I got pregnant with Baby Boo on birth control, so I figured I should probably try other methods.

Also, the hubby and I wanted to try for a baby starting at the END of November...So, when she told me she thought I was prego, well I knew she had to be wrong.

Well, I ended up taking a test right at the doctors office and turns out, it was negative.

I figured that would be the answer, but then I got kind of sad, which made me realize that I really did want to try for a baby. When I got home, I told the hubby that I thought the doctor was coo coo, and that even if I had been pregnant it was way to early to tell. The hubby kind of rolled his eyes, because every month I think I am every month. Am I the only one like this? Just me?

(Ok, we are almost there...Promise!)

So fast forward to three weeks later, it was like 8 at night. I was sitting on the couch, just focusing on my body, and I just felt that I needed to take a pregnancy test. The hubby had been doing something in the garage all night, so I decided to run to the grocery store, (I told the hubby I was going to get milk), and grabbed a test. When I got home I secretly ran upstairs to take it, making sure the hubby didn't notice. I knew that if he found out, he would think I was crazy...but I am not...I swear....

I patiently awaited the test results, and decided to find out what the hubby had been doing. When I opened the garage door, I found this:

He had got me a treadmill, and was setting it up! If you know me, then you know that for Months...years...decades...I have been begging the hubby for a treadmill. I think he finally gave into my nagging (or you could say, bitching) and lovingly got me one.

I was so happy...and then I realized I still had the test results waiting for me in my pocket, so when I reached down to check it, I saw this:


The hubby thought I was joking...I most certainly was not:

So there you have it...Our little family of three:

Will soon become FOUR!

Our little bundle of joy is due:

 August 7th, 2012

I am currently:

10 weeks pregnant


I know that it is kind of soon to tell everyone, but this has really been a difficult pregnancy for me, and I was worried something would happen if I posted to soon...But this blog is my life, and I want to share this journey with everyone.

How am I feeling?

Yucky. When I was pregnant with Baby Boo, I didn't even feel pregnant. I was running, working out, eating pretty much anything, and I rarely had nausea.

With this pregnancy, I have been extremely weak, tired, nauseous, and sick. EVERY type of food sounds disgusting...this is no joke. That's why I haven't posted a lot of food recipes, because well, I haven't been cooking. On top of everything, I found out my blood pressure has been really low, 85/43, which explains my weakness. For a few weeks I couldn't even go on a walk without feeling like I was going to pass out. I have had to really increase my water, and even salt intake. But I have also noticed the little exercise I do may be hard at first, but I feel so much better afterwards.

It's been a difficult journey, especially trying to raise my beautiful/most energetic child in the world! :-)

But a journey full of blessings.

I appreciate your patience through out this time, and I am so grateful that many of you continued to support me even when I didn't post for like a month!! :-)

Now that the cat is out of the bag, I can now post my life...and well, somedays my view from the couch! With any pregnancy, it's truly a blessing, and I pray every day that I continue to be strong and healthy so I can grow a healthy and happy baby!

Have a wonderful start to your week! I am going to try and rummage through the fridge to find SOMETHING appealing...