Healthy Eating According to a One Year Old: VIDEO

I have many nicknames for those in my family.

And by family, I mean Boo, Baby, and Hubby.

I have a feeling other family members reading this were thinking, "Great...what's MY nickname!"

No need to worry fam bam. The only other person outside of my immediate family that has a nickname is my grandma.

It starts with L and ends with OCA.

Jk jk jk.


Baby Boo is the one with the most names. I feel like everyday I come up with a new nickname for her because her personality is blossoming.

By blossoming I mean booming..

Right now I call her Sassy Pants and Spicy Mimosa. I'm not sure what Mimosa has to do with Baby Boo, but I think it's because I feel I need one after an afternoon of pure Diva-ness from her.

The biggest thing right now are her conversations...and her demands.

Before she would just say one word and point to what she wanted. Now I hear a whole song about it, a screaming demand, and then a grand finale of fireworks. She's a walking broadway show.

But I wouldn't have my life any other way, and I love her more than life itself.

Plus between the two of us, my husband is a season ticket holder to some sort of dramatic extravaganza each and every day...Add one more little girly chickpea to that mix, and I'm pretty sure he is going to hate the theater sooner than later.

Now, without further ado, I would like to introduce Princess #1 in her very first interview all about healthy eating.

Be warned...She's quite the Spicy Mimosa.

See...I told you.