4 Year Wedding Anniversary Video for My Hubby!

Today is the 4 year wedding anniversary for the hubby and I!

(I don't have the professional pics on me, but here are a few from that day!)

I would give anything to inhale that cake right about now...

It's crazy to think that in 4 years, out little family has grown and accomplished so much!! Between 2 baby girls, graduate school, a residency, and moving a bajillion times...!! We have been SOO extremely blessed!

And in honor of our anniversary I made a video for the hubby! :)

I promise you are going to want to see it! hhaha There are pretty some hilarious old home videos in there...of the hubby...and a few moments where I shed a tear! :)

Dear Hubby:

Happy Anniversary! I love you more than words can express, thank you for putting up with my crazy tendencies!! And thank you for being EXTREMELY hard working for our little family!

I love you!