Boo's Kitchen Makeover

It's been a battle of the computer this past week, I'm so sorry friends... When you've got a husband who is constantly studying, taking tests, and doing research it's a fight for who gets the computer. You would think I would do something valuable with my time like watch Bachelor...

But instead of planting myself down on my back side to watch Sean take off his shirt 457 times and make out with 3 woman who are madly in love and having the best time ever of their entire life...I painted Boo's kitchen.

(Note: This is a before of the kitchen to the left in this picture . It's not a before picture of the half naked toddler who oddly resembles Jeff Daniels from Dumb n Dumber.)

Since living in a rental and not being able to basically decorate my house the way I would love to, I've taken it upon myself to enhance the things around me. Like Boo's kitchen. I knew I always wanted to paint it, and figured it would most likely be pink! So this week we went after it.

I'm far far away from being a creative person and I most definitely can't paint in the lines (so I've learned), but this project was pretty easy.

I painted over the whole thing with craft paint, but spray painting definitely would have been easy too. I didn't want to spend any money on this project so I used what I had at home which was craft paint!

For the doors, I replaced them and made a curtain using old fabric I had and a tension rod from Walmart that costs me 2 bucks!

But it wasn't just me who took part in the refurbishing of the kitch, Boo had a huge part as well!

I'm back to normal posting this week friends, the hubs and I made a deal. Computer time for me...and he doesn't have to watch Bachelor.