Maple Sage Glazed Carrots with Maple Toasted Pistachios

We spent the majority of today in the kitchen.

While I poured, mixed, rolled, kneading, chopped, sauteed, and cleaned...

Baby Boo was either attached to my hip or at my feet begging for a taste.

I LOVE that she enjoys being in the kitchen with me. She loves to throw things into the mixing bowl or blender, and loves to cook her own special meals.

I'm pretty sure her ideal meal would have chocolate, cottage cheese, berries, and avocados...

Today was a special day because, not only are we getting ready for Thanksgiving, but I had the opportunity to work with an amazing company and their delicious food!

Grimmway Farms sent me a coupon to receive a free bag of their ever so delicious carrots!


Grimmway Farms is a family owned and operated business located in California. Their philosophy is:

Provide Good Value

Honest Pricing

Conduct Business with Integrity

AND, let's not forget they received the Chef's Best 2011 BEST Taste Award!

The first thing Baby Boo and I did was dig in! We love carrots at our house. They are the perfect little snack, perfect match for hummus, puree amazingly for baby food, and when they are cold they help our teething lil' chickpea.

Baby Boo was pretty excited. Perfect time to bust a move.


I don't know what's sexier, the random drool stain down her shirt, or that fierce look in her eyes...

I decided to make a side dish for Thanksgiving with the carrots, that way everybody could indulge on these delicious baby carrot bad boys...

But I think I am going to have to double the recipe to feed everybody...( 4 carrots for me, one carrot for you...6 carrots for me, two carrots for you...)

Either way, my family is going to be grateful they invited me to dinner. :-)

Maple Sage Glazed Carrots with Maple Toasted Pistachios

Ingredients:(for carrots)

1 16 os. bag Grimmway Farms Baby Carrots

2 TB. fresh chopped sage (divided into TB.)

1 medium shallot diced

4 cloves garlic diced

2 TB. 100% Pure Maple syrup

1 TB. olive oil

sprinkle of nutmeg

salt and pepper to taste

Ingredients: (for pistachios)

1/4 c. chopped pistachios

1 tsp. maple syrup


1. In a (high-medium) heated saucepan (that contains a lid), add your olive oil. Heat for a quick second then throw in your diced shallot and garlic. Cook for a few minutes, stirring every so often. You want the shallots and garlic to be caramelized and golden brown looking. (3-5 min.)

2. Next throw in your carrots, maple syrup, 1 TB.  sage, and spices. Stir until coated and turn down heat to med-low. Put lid on top of saucepan, and let carrots cook about 25-30 minutes or until soft. Toss and stir carrots every so often.

3. Now prepare your pistachios. In a separate heated sauce pan, spray with cooking spray and add pistachios. Toast pistachios on medium heat for about a minute, then add maple syrup. Continue to stir and coat pistachios, all the while keeping the maple syrup from burning. Cook for about 1-2 more minutes, or until the pistachios aren't 'wet' with syrup. Transfer nuts to a separate bowl and set aside.

4. Once carrots are done, put on serving platter and top with remaining 1 TB. sage and chopped pistachios. Serve warm.

*This recipe only makes 2 c. worth, so if your making this for a big crowd be sure and double/triple the recipe.*

This just screams Thanksgiving dinner...and Sunday dinner...and Christmas..and Hanukkah...and Ground Hog Day!

Or if your like me, I enjoy eating them on the couch, watching trashy reality TV, and listening to Baby Boo snore away for nap time.

Shhhh, don't worry. It will be our little secret. :-)

Thanks again Grimmway Farms for giving me the opportunity to try your amazing product!!

* I was not paid to write this post. To learn more about Grimmway Farms and their awesome company, check out their website at**