Chocolate Avocado Pudding

About a year ago, before Baby Boo came into our lives, I used to spend evenings cooking and baking away in the kitchen trying to kill time while my Hubby studied his little heart out for school.

Occasionally I would experiment with different ingredients, and when Hubby got home I would test them out on him. A lot of times he would humor me as I tried to force feed him black bean brownies, but I knew that if he didn't like it, NO body would.

Then one day I stumbled upon a recipe. A recipe like no other. I wasn't to fond of this kind of food, and I didn't really know what to expect, but the ingredients sounded AMAZING. I knew I had to try it. So that day I did just that. I went to the store, got my ingredients, threw it together, tasted it...and fell on the floor.


I couldn't believe something could taste so good.

Later that night my Hubby's friends were coming over and I KNEW I just HAD to share it with them. They too were a little skeptical since I had already tried to feed them Vegan Cookies the last time they came over, but I knew that if they just tasted ONE bite...they would be in love.

When they walked into our house I told them I had made something, and I wanted them to tell me what they thought. They looked at me a little frightened and said, "what's in it?"(Oddly I always get that kind of response when I cook something for someone) I told them to just try it, and they so kindly did.

They took one bite...

Then they took another...

Then they looked at me in amazement, and licked their bowls clean.

It was love at first sight.

And to this day, they still talk about it.

So what is this most delicious recipe that I have talked so much of??

Meet Chocolate Pudding



Now I know a lot of you may not like pudding. I would say it isn't the dessert of "choice" for many, but you are going to really have to trust me on this one.

I feel like I am always saying that.

Anyways. The ingredients may shock you, as they did to me. But it makes this dish all the more enticing and amazing.

For starters,



peanut butter. You can NEVER go wrong with peanut butter...

in my eyes at least =]

Now the second ingredient may surprise you,





Just trust me...

Chocolate Pudding

1/4 cup Peanut Butter

1/3 cup Agave Nectar

1/8 cup Cocoa Powder

1 Medium Avocado

1 Tablespoon coconut oil

1 tsp. Vanilla

Dash of Salt

recipe adapted from Fitnessista




Throw all ingredients into food processor or high speed blender. Mix until combined and creamy.

It really is that simple..

Another reason why you should make this..ummm...